Windpro ll Gas Burner camping stove

Brand: MSR

Lightweight liquid-feed canister stove with superior cold-weather and low-fuel performance, combines the stability and wind protection of a remote-burner design with convenience of canister fuel - suit walkers, trekkers & mountain climbers.


  • increased cold-weather and low-fuel performance
  • remote burner allows the use of a windscreen for maximum efficiency
  • lightweight & compact
  • weighs: 6.6 oz
  • fits in a one-litre pot
  • supports pots up to 10" in diameter
  • compatible with bake ovens
  • includes: windscreen, heat reflector, canister stand, instructions, and stuff sack
  • fuel: Coleman C250 or C500 or MSR Fuel


Cartridge not supplied


RRP: £120