Super Hike walking sandal

Old price: £69.00

Uni-sex lightweight, performance sandal designed for use on and off trail, with a highly durable footbed made of leather, slightly raised at the sides to support the foot and Vibram outsole that offers a secure grip - suits holiday makers or general summer use.


  • raised edges for toe protection
  • toe bar for secure hold
  • arch support
  • upper: Webbing, Velcro
  • footbed: Leather
  • sole: Tokyo sole made of Vibram rubber
  • closure: Triple Velcro closure
  • heel: 10 mm
  • PU midsole
  • arch support for improved comfort
  • cupped footbed ensures additional support
  • raised edge to protect toes
  • toe bar helps correctly position the toes, preventing the foot from sliding forward
  • channels for sliding through webbing make the sandals extremely resistant
  • weight: 280g (per shoe)

Colour: Map Bluish


RRP: £85